Saving Faith by Patrick M. Garry


SavingFaithPatrick M. Garry
Kenric Books (2013)
ISBN: 9780983370314
Reviewed by Sheri Bebee for Reader Views (2/14)

“Saving Faith” by Patrick M. Garry begins with Jack, the car “repossessor” owning up to his mistake of towing the wrong car. Jack arrives at a local bar looking for the owner of the ’96 green Saturn he had just mistakenly towed. Everette (Ev) Sorin was sure this was a joke and someone set the kid up to deliver this prosperous story. Jack was worried about the reaction he would get of course, as his past experiences with people getting their cars repossessed was not always the most pleasant. To Jack’s surprise, he finds Ev is drowning in his sorrows and ends up being pulled in to a woman-hating conversation, which eventually leads them into a friendship, of sorts.

Jack was raised by the nuns in St. Xavier’s orphanage and is almost 21 years old now. Having left the orphanage two years ago, Jack lives on-his-own and doesn’t have a lot of friends. He keeps to himself and watches lots of movies, which he plays on his VCR at home.  Jack is a naive character, and often makes references of him and the other kids at the orphanage as “mistakes.”  With his lighthearted personality, Jack doesn’t really have any formal expectations of the world, or more particularly of love.

Pactrick M. Garry has an awesome writing style that I really enjoy. I found myself laughing at the ridiculous things Ev would say to Jack and then Jack’s reactions to the people around him. “Saving Faith” is not a religious book, although it could appear by the title to go that way. Faith happens to be a comatose patient in a local hospital that is going to be torn down. As characters make their way into the story, they find their part in wanting to save Faith even though they do not know her identity.

This story line is entertaining to say the least. This laid back presentation of satire really had me laughing and falling in love with the fictional characters along the way.  I can’t wait to see what Patrick M. Garry does next! I highly recommend “Saving Faith” to those who can appreciate an author’s jaded sense of humor.

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