Darkness Falls: Magikos Alliance by Ann Marie Kazutomi


DarknessFallsAnn Marie Kazutomi
K.U. International, Inc. (2013)
ISBN: 9780578114200
Reviewed by Jennifer Hass for Reader Views (01/14)

Article first published as Book Review: ‘Darkness Falls: Magikos Alliance’ by Ann Marie Kazutomi on Blogcritics

In “Darkness Falls” by Ann Marie Kazutomi, the story follows Alexander Vaerius Maximus’s quest to find his Amara – his chosen one. The beginning of the book gives insight into Alexander’s background starting with how his parents fell in love and came to have more than thirty children. Alexander’s Amara happens to be a human and since he is a Cruetian Prince, or Dark-Soul, and leader of the Magikos Alliance, this poses as a challenge for him. He has been looking for Kara for 800 years. Alexander hears of his Amara from a prophet and knows he must find her. The year of her birth would be 1986 and her name would be Kara. A strong woman whom he would be proud to have as his chosen one.

Kara Spencer has been hurt several times in previous relationships. After many failed attempts to get her out on dates, her family teases her about her looking for the perfect man and how this will lead to her being alone for the rest of her life. This man does not exist; a perfect man only exists in fairy tales.

Lately, I have been trying to stay away from romance novels because of the simple fact that I find them all the same, or at least they seem to be. It’s very hard for me to enjoy a romance book written by a young person, being that I am 32, even though I am not that old. I happen to like a mature sense of romance and not the kind of storyline that dives right into a happily ever after within the first couple of chapters. It can have the “oh gag me” effect pretty quickly. However, this did not happen with “Darkness Falls,” I was pleasantly surprised and I am left with the hunger for more of Alexander and Kara.

I did find that Kara was a strong character, and sometimes she was even a little over the top for me. Being that she is only 23 in this story, I can understand her immature stance, whereas Alexander is much more mature. Both characters are stubborn and when it came down to it, he had to put forth some effort and chase her throughout the book. Everyone, or should I say “I”, should enjoy the fact that the romance didn’t come so easily.

“Darkness Falls” by Ann Marie Kazutomi had some dramatic effects on me. Not only was I sucked in and glued to the pages right from the start, but this story also invaded my dreams. Maybe it was because I was reading at night just before bed or maybe because it was just that good. I don’t know, but I have yet to read a romance title that not only aroused my senses but also made me want to have my own vampire, I mean “Dark-Soul,” as a boyfriend.

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