Diamond Fields by Randall Reneau


DiamondFieldsRandall Reneau
CreateSpace (2013)
ISBN: 9781480082267
Reviewed by Daryn Watson for Reader Views (06/13)

Randall Reneau’s “Diamond Fields” is follow up to his first epic novel “Deadly Lode.” Trace Brandon, the newly wealthy geologist from Washington State teams up with his faithful friend Will Coffee and his former arch enemy, Cyrus “the Virus” McSweeny to search and mine valuable green diamonds in Liberia, Africa. The team is formed under the LLC name of Dingane Exploration.

This eyebrow raising partnership between Brandon and “the Virus” seems to have some hope of working, despite past disagreements between the two. The common goal of mining more diamonds and becoming filthy rich allows them to focus on the end task of entering the unstable territories in Liberia and leaving town with the loot as quickly as possible.

Upon landing at Robertsfield, the airport near Liberia’s capital of  Monrovia (via Cyrus’s private jet),  the team is welcomed by Napoleon Johnson, a government cabinet minister who is assisting in helping to broker the mining deal between Brandon’s partners and the Liberian government.

Trace Brandon and his team must learn to navigate and survive the continuous unstable political and military tensions within the region without losing their lives. General Charles Sumaka, and his second in command, Colonel Francois Drogba, lead their military forces from the Ivory Coast into Liberia with the intention of taking control of the country and it’s precious diamond mines.  The intense fighting continues to escalate between Liberia’s forces and their Ivorian invaders. Both sides struggle for control of Robertsfield and other strategic areas throughout the country. Trace and his posse fight for their lives with the hope of taking their diamond loot with them.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading “Diamond Fields” as much as I did “Deadly Lode.” Randall Reneau has a unique way of depicting the scenes very well and bringing the reader into the story. I could feel myself being drawn into the excitement and the fears Trace Brandon and his companions experienced while either searching for diamonds and with the impending doom of being executed by the invading Ivorian soldiers.

 I would highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a great adventure.  “Diamond Fields” is another excellent book by Randall Reneau. I look forward to the next adventure of Trace Brandon and his cohorts.

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