The Obexlanders and the Assassination of JFK by TES


Outskirts Press (2013)
ISBN 9781478723349
Reviewed by Richard R. Blake for Reader Views (11/14)

TES is the official historian for the Obexlanders, a very select group of humans. By the year 3148 their scientists had developed a medication that when used properly could extend an average lifespan to 300 to 400 years. “The Obexlanders: And the Assassination of JFK” by TES is considered a top secret, classified report of the plot behind the story that changed the history of the world.

Threats to blow up the world by the ODLIFE (Organization Demanding Life Forever), a terrorist group, demanding the BIGCERM (Bio and Genetic Cell Renewal Medication) and a 100 year supply and the secret ingredient and the formula started an ominous plot and chain of events that would eliminate the possibility of any future threats from the ODLIFE group.

TES weaves a story around the Obexlanders hierarchy of leadership and the chaos created by the threat of the ODLIFE organization. Technical advances give the group the ability to change the course of history. A tip-off of the farcical writing style of the author is obvious through the development of the plot around Lee Harvey Oswald, Jack Ruby, and key leaders from around the world.

Skit-like dialog and fast moving action take the reader back to the year 1963 and the memories etched in the mind of everyone over 55 years old, of that fateful day in Dallas when President John F. Kennedy was assassinated.

Readers will have various opinions as to the social value of TES’ presentation of this material. The plot loses something because of the broadness of the endeavor and rambling nature of the story line. This overzealous attempt to cover future technical advances made by the year 3148, the uniqueness of the Obexlanders, the ODLIFE organization, the period of history from 1947 forward, and the resulting changes and impact on the world today left me unsure of the author’s intended audience.

I was seriously challenged to comprehend what genre this book fits into. I was somewhat relieved when I rechecked the back cover to see that “The Obexlanders” is classified as fiction. The writing style is satire, a mockery. The intergalactic interaction might classify the genre as science fiction, or maybe the author’s creative imagination would put the book in the fantasy category. The publishers “Action and Adventure” classification simplifies it for me.  “The Obexlanders: And the Assassination of JFK” by TES is a delightful reminder that I often take myself far too seriously.

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