In the Shadow of Lies by M.A. Adler


InTheShadowOfLiesM. A. Adler
She Writes Press (2014)
ISBN 9781938314827
Reviewed by Susan Violante for Readers Views (08/14)

Article first published as Book Review: ‘In the Shadow of Lies’ by M. A. Adler on Blogcritics.

“In the Shadow of Lies” by M. A. Adler begins when Detective Oliver Wright returns to Richmond right before he enlists with his dog in the Marines.  Wright’s father asks him to stay in Richmond and investigate the local police department to see if the Klan has infiltrated the force, as suspected, effectively making justice impossible for the kids that were killed within the black community. Parallel to these events, Pearl Harbor is attacked and thus the United States enters WWII. During this historical time in the US, the Japanese American’s were placed in camps because of fear of espionage and terrorism.  What this book revealed to me was the fact that Italian Americans were also looked upon suspiciously. The story continues as the disappearances of Italian Americans take place at the same time that they were forced out of Richmond.  Further trouble ensues with a rapist attacking women of all walks in life, and a murder. Oliver doesn’t lose focus and enlists with the Marines. He serves in the Pacific, but the turmoil brewing back home will wait for his return…

Adler presents the reader with a very well written literary fictional mystery/historical novel. The setting of this mystery is in a time within American history when trust between the immigrants and Americans was as thin as the veil separating white and black communities. Adler did a great job capturing the tension of the time as it can be felt by the reader while the different events in the communities unravel through the author’s words. The descriptions of the settings as well as the dialogues between the different colorful characters made me feel at home in an era and continent totally foreign to me. At the same time, this mystery captivated my interest making it very difficult to put down.

“In the Shadow of Lies” by M. A. Adler in my opinion is a jewel to be kept and enjoyed in everyone’s personal library as a testament of human history and as an excellent literary piece that teaches as it entertains.  A must read!

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