Guardians III: The Journey Home by Brad Anderson


GuardiansIIIBrad Anderson
Outskirts Press (2014)
ISBN 9781478732112
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (01/15)

“Guardians III: The Journey Home” by Brad Anderson is the third novel in the series. As soon as I began reading, I was immediately drawn into the drama. Many characters from the previous novels are reintroduced. Not having read the previous ones, I found myself having to pay close attention. I was able to catch up, so the third book does stand alone, however, I recommend reading the first two so that the reader has a better understanding of all that has happened. Plus the allusions to what already happened made me want to go back and read them, because it sounds like this trilogy is quite an adventure for the reader.

In this installment, both human and non-human lives have been lost, bringing anguish and the desire for revenge to both sides. Robert Mackie is trying to get his young niece and nephew back home, from Texas to Florida, to recoup from their previous adventure with an evil vampire named Brian. Brian is seeking revenge for what one of the children did to him. He is unstable and his impulsive actions could result in vampires being exposed to the world. Preferring to continue to hide their presence, an ancient vampire follows their path cleaning up Brian’s messes until he can find him and stop him.

Robert has to enlist the aid of the children to help him fight the vampire and other corrupt individuals who are also looking for him. Being so young, they have to resort to taking some extraordinary measures to overcome their limitations. These measures include using tools that repel or kill vampires. Robert also teaches them a lot of tricks of the trade from his DEA agent days. These kids have to grow up quickly to help him win!

I really enjoyed reading “Guardians III – The Journey Home” by Brad Anderson. I liked that the author gave the vampires very unique personalities and that not all of them were the stereotypical evil creatures. I appreciated his creativity in helping the main characters escape from situations. This included using both mundane and paranormal tools. “The Journey Home” will be enjoyed by readers who love a good, fast paced adventure with paranormal influences.

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