Nuclear Farm by Charles C. Anderson


NuclearFarmCharles C. Anderson
Outskirts Press (2014)
ISBN 9781478722076
Reviewed By Michel Violante for Reader Views (11/2014)

“Nuclear Farm” by Charles C. Anderson begins with a nuclear explosion in Saudi-Arabia at Ras Tanura, a key Saudi oil export terminal. A medical physician and ex-Navy Seal, Andy Carlson and his wife Lindsey, an ex-CIA expert and nuclear physicist, are approached by the President of the United States to investigate the explosion and the possibility of a similar attack in the US, because he received a threat letter signed by Islamic Jihad. Andy accepted the challenge because he is a good friend of Saudi’s King Fahd. A failed murder attempt to the Carlson family on their farm put Andy on track for the investigation, which took him to several places within the US looking for the nuclear bombs introduced inside the US borders. This is the second book of the Andy Carlson saga, and the beginning of a political thriller that will take the reader to the next book.

Although I enjoyed the author’s writing style more in the first book of this series, Charles C. Anderson presents the reader with a lot of intrigue and action, which kept me turning pages until the end. I found the topic to be current with today’s events, yet enriched with the American action hero story most love to read. The fact that there are multiple nuclear threats keeps the reader on the edge of their seat as they go from one dangerous possible catastrophe to the next.

I found “Nuclear Farm” by Charles C. Anderson to be a great American favorite type of literature. There is a major threat to the US, suspense, intrigue and action combined with the ideals of heroic patriotism, and presented through impeccable writing skills. There is no doubt that this second book of Anderson’s will keep its fans captivated, while hooking new ones as well. I am definitely reading the next one in the series!

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