“Visions of the Last Adam” by Last Adam


Last Adam
Outskirts Press (2014)
ISBN 9781432783051
Reviewed by Ben Green for Reader Views (10/15)
“Visions of the Last Adam” by Last Adam is a hell of a book. It combines many religious myths, end times prophecies and current events to create what can only be described as complete chaos. I would love to tell you what it is about and give you a brief synopsis, but frankly, I have no idea.

The book begins with characters, some which seem familiar and loosely-based on religious figures. These characters seem to be doing things that bring about Armageddon but at the same time, there are other characters which are completely imagined creations of the author who are doing other things. Making matters worse, I couldn’t find a clear timeline or order of events in this book. Characters come and go with little or no introduction.  There are regular references to current events and people such as 9/11 and George Bush so it seems that at least some of the events mentioned in the book are happening in our current world, or at least a very similar one.

I feel it was the author’s intent to create some confusion and chaos within the organization of the book in an effort to make the book read more like some prophetic text being written by some madman. The book really does read like the ramblings of someone living out of his camper in the middle of the desert and receiving holy transmissions. And, given the author’s use of the name “Last Adam,” (I am assuming it is not his/her given name) this leads me to believe my theory may be right. Even if this was the intent of the author, in my opinion it still does not justify putting out a book that really has no narrative. There is no clear beginning, middle or end, and there is really no character development. In fact, it is really hard to even distinguish who the main characters are. That being said, Last Adam did do a lot of work creating fictional events and end-time scenarios that are kind of cool, unfortunately, they are just not well-connected and there is no flow to the story.

Overall, I give “Visions of The Last Adam” by Last Adam two out of five stars. I believe this work is a start to something that may have potential. This book is definitely for someone who wants to do some work and has some serious time on his/her hands. Hopefully the author will polish up his/her ideas and bring us a more clearly laid out story next time.

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