Epic Sloth: Tales of the Long Crawl by Philip Gaber


Philip Gaber
Philip Gaber (2013)
ISBN 9780615726489
Reviewed by Susan Violante for Reader Views (10/15)

Article first published as Book Review: ‘Epic Sloth: Tales of the Long Crawl’ by Philip Gaberon Blogcritics.

“Epic Sloth: Tales of the Long Crawl” by Philip Gaber is an eclectic collection straight from the author’s raw point of view of life. It presents different characters in different contexts, expressed in different literary formats going from short stories to poetry, all unique.  Yet, somehow each story and poem feels connected through an underlying format of life moments, many of which readers will be able to relate to. Some pages are filled with only three sentences that might fill your heart for weeks like the story “a revolutionary sense of truth.” Other works might leave the reader wondering what the point of the story was, only to be discovered hours later while doing something totally irrelevant to it like “the most genius solutions.”  And some will crack a smile like “it’s about removing the layers.” None will leave the reader indifferent.

Philip Gaber has put together a vision of a life through snap shots. They are pieces of thoughts or experiences of a man which mostly show darkness, emptiness, and sarcasm, all raw and thought provoking; but that also expresses a wandering heart in search of what makes it tick. Well written and a quick read, his work should not be taken lightly. Instead it should be revisited as I believe that each story and prose will show a new meaning depending on where the reader is in his or her own life. A couple of my favorite pieces which I believe best describes Gaber’s work are “where nothing else was growing,” “catching heartbreaking glimpses of our lives,” “living is no newer,” “fabled, the forgotten,” and “differences of view.”

“Epic Sloth: Tales of the Long Crawl” by Philip Gaber is a thought provoking literary piece worthy of a spot in everyone’s library, to be revisited in the same way we visit our own moments in life. Definitely an author I will follow to see what he comes up with next!

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