Red Rock by Eamonn Kichuk


Eamonn Kichuk
ISBN Canada (2015)
ISBN 9780994791009
Reviewed by Sheri Hoyte for Reader Views (11/15)

“Red Rock” is a powerful science fiction novel by Eamonn Kichuk. The separation of social classes on Earth has never been greater. The greed of the human race pushes everything we know to new extremes, basic humanitarian values discarded in the never-ending quest for more, more, more. Daire O’Connor is a young man in society’s lower cycle, his uncle Dr. O’Connor, the popular leader of the proletariat movement. When Dr. O’Connor is suddenly assassinated, Daire knows that he is next, as the men of power will stop at nothing to silence this movement. Daire narrowly escapes death by volunteering to be a Surveyor on planet Mars, a program sponsored by the Akin Group, the most powerful company on Earth. Daire is certain he is leaving all his troubles behind as he looks forward to a fresh start on the Red Rock, but his troubles are just beginning.

Kichuk spins a powerful tale of survival around the colonization of Mars. “Red Rock” is intense, and will have you on the edge of your seat from the first page to the very last sentence of the book. There is a strong sense of fortitude throughout the entire book and it never slows down. There are no lulls in the plot, no filler pages, no unnecessary words, and no fluff. The writing is absolutely exceptional. There is a large cast of characters, and they are so well developed that the reader will definitely connect, and form a strong opinion about each one. From the areas of desolation, to the lush vegetation and forests, to the raging storms and extreme diversity of temperatures, the settings are described with immaculate detail, each landscape clearly depicted in my mind as I read.

“Red Rock” is the first novel by Eamonn Kichuk but I cannot imagine it will be the last. This young author will most certainly gain quite a following with this piece and I look forward to seeing more work from him in the future.

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