“Channeling Cornelius” by Dolores McDowell


Dolores McDowell
Outskirts Press (2015)
ISBN 9781478752936
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (01/16)

In “Channeling Cornelius,” Dolores McDowell has written an enjoyable memoir about her quirky life. From having an imaginary friend, developed after experiencing a head injury in her childhood, to sharing special moments with her family in her late adulthood, she covers it all. Dolores’ life has been full of synchronistic events that have made her story so entertaining. Upon further research, she discovered a great many connections that even extended back into her family tree.

Always upbeat in spite of whatever was happening, Dolores’ story is entertaining to read. It was fun to see the quirky things that happened in her life, especially the ones that she could laugh about later on, like narrowly avoiding near misses with out of control vehicles. Whether it was the author’s intention or not, I received a strong message about the importance of appreciating life as it is handed to me. Throughout all of her experiences, Dolores seems to find positive aspects in the lessons learned. It was also impressive to learn about how she created a successful business with no advanced education. As an entrepreneur I think she was very ahead of her time. I am sure having a supportive family helped.

Dolores McDowell is someone that I would love to meet. I found myself relating to so many of her experiences, especially the unusual. It is always fun to be able to chat with someone who can look at life and laugh out loud – so much better than crying! “Channeling Cornelius” would be a great selection for a reader’s group, and a nice gift for an avid reader, especially one who enjoys memoirs.

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