“The Rhymes and Reasons of Love” by Barbara Metzger Altman


Barbara Metzger Altman
CreateSpace (2015)
ISBN 9781508757627
Reviewed by Juliana Leal for Reader Views (02/16)

“The Rhymes and Reasons of Love” by Barbara Metzger Altman presents the different aspects of love through her poems. The wisdom of her words is through experiences that she shapes in her poems, identifying each facet of love that we go through in life.

It starts with the waiting and the search for the one special person. Very true situations that many have experienced are written with simple words and rhyming, and you will be at once familiar with them. Continuing with all the challenges and steps of dating, and asking yourself, is he the right one? Is he willing to commit? Having so many chances to know them and still don’t know who they are. Time goes by and you see all the time you have wasted and are still not sure, when he asks you to be his wife.

With the wedding bells come a marriage, and so many other doubts, on parenthood and when would be the right moment to have a child? Troubles in the path, patterns to change, and children to raise. Truths unsaid that are making us tired and wanting to end. Divorce is on its way. Love was just an illusion and it is no longer there.  Then, many years later, you have new views on your life.

To review poems is very subjective, and every reader will relate it their own way. I can say that Barbara Metzger Altman wrote these poems with all her love and memories. Love is her main character and you will follow through “The Rhymes and Reasons of Love,” a true transformation of its seasons.

My favorite one is Photo Album where she ends it …

“Cause as long as I remember
It helps stave all my fears”
For what is life without memories?
Filled with joy and laughter and tears”

I really enjoyed reading “The Rhymes and Reasons of Love” by Barbara Metzger Altman, and know that many readers will relate to her poems, if not of themselves than in someone not too far away from them.

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