“Presidential Declarations” by Douglas J. Wood


Douglas J. Wood
CreateSpace (2015)
ISBN 9781508806318
Reviewed by Sheri Hoyte for Reader Views (03/16)

“Presidential Declarations” is a political thriller by Douglas J. Wood that follows the career of Samantha “Sam” Harrison, a conservative Republican, and former Governor of Virginia. After two disheartening political races, Sam reconsiders her political aspirations, setting her sights on Virginia’s Supreme Court. This vision is quickly interrupted when Virginia Governor-elect, Eric Cantor, appoints Sam to fill a vacancy in the Virginia House of Representatives.

A short three days after her arrival in Washington, the President of the United States asks Sam to serve as the next Secretary of State. Sam is surprised to say the least, of the bold move across party lines by the democratic President. A staunch advocate of the Constitution, Sam considers the words of former president, Thomas Jefferson and his belief in keeping pace with the times. With this in mind, Sam accepts the appointment as Secretary of State, and when Washington DC becomes the target for the worst terrorist attack in American history, Sam is called to serve her country in ways she could never have imagined.

I thoroughly enjoyed this novel. The writing is masterful. The way Wood uses real people, settings and events, and weaves in fictional characters and storylines is sure to heighten the interest of the reader, especially in our current political environment. The events that unfold could certainly occur, and that is both fascinating and horrific at the same time. The characters are well developed; protagonist, Sam Harrison is a likeable, believable, strong female lead. Unexpected plot twists keep the dialogue flowing, making the book difficult to put down. From the inner workings at the White House, to the glimpses inside the mind of a terrorist, the story is full of non-stop drama and suspense.

“Presidential Declarations” is the sequel to Douglas J. Wood’s “Presidential Intentions,” although it convincingly holds its own as a strong, stand-alone book. I highly recommend “Presidential Declarations,” most especially to political enthusiasts, but all fans of a complex, yet easy to follow action packed plot will find themselves absorbed in the story well before the first chapter is finished.

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