“Terror Never Sleeps” by Richard Blomberg


TerrorNeverSleepsRichard Blomberg
Beaver’s Pond Press (2015)
ISBN 9781592988952
Reviewed by Michel Violante for Reader Views (01/16)

In “Terror Never Sleeps” by Richard Blomberg, a group of Islamic terrorists kidnap Jack Gunn’s family. Jack is a Navy Seal and the leader of the Counterterrorism Task Force fighting terrorism all around the world. Jack had been on a mission in Palestine. When he returned home, his wife and son were nowhere to be found and his house showed signs of struggle. He and his team immediately search for his family in Virginia but they are not even close. Jack’s wife Nina is enduring her abusive kidnappers, but who knows how long they will keep her alive. On top of Dunn’s family kidnapping, the terrorists he was dealing with in his past mission are now a nuclear threat to Israel. Dunn has to juggle saving his country and his wife in a battle against time.

Richard Blomberg did a wonderful job producing a realistic thriller. His research on Military Ops is spot on. His character development produced genuine and credible characters whose personalities are reflected in the dialogue, and their originality evident in their skills and background. This is a character driven plot filled with twists, action packed scenes, and suspense which kept me turning pages each time I picked it up, and dreaded putting it down. I found it to be well written and for sure will keep an eye on this author and the next book in the series.

Although “Terror Never Sleeps” by Richard Blomberg is a continuation of a story presented in Bloomberg’s previous book, which I have not read, it didn’t feel like that way to me as I read it from a standalone story point of view. I do think the cover didn’t do justice to the story but definitely recommend “Terror Never Sleeps” to all military thriller fans as an awesome read!

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