2016-2017 Reader Views Literary Awards Contest is Open!

BebeeSheri13I am thrilled to announce that the 2016-2017 Reader Views Literary Awards program is now open for submissions!

Our 2015-2016 Literary Awards program was the most challenging contest in the history of our awards program. The competition was tight, and it is clear that all of the indie authors that participated definitely set a higher standard for the new season. So, as the bar is raised to a new level, I want to offer a few tips to take into account when submitting your book to our 2016/2017 awards program:

·         Before submitting your book to the awards program, consider purchasing our publicity Package A (more info on our publicity packages here), to get a review and a glimpse into what the first round of judging will look like for the contest. A discount towards the awards submission fee will be applied with the purchase of a publicity package.

·         Please DO NOT submit advance review copies to the awards program, as you will be competing against finished, edited books. The submitted title should be the best possible product as our judges consider the cover design, paper quality, editing, and formatting when scoring.

·         Submit your book to more than one category for a better chance to win. If the book is a fiction novel that is your main category submission, but the general fiction novel genre is the most popular category in the contest; drill it down a bit if possible – what is the sub-category of the title? Another good strategy to enhance your chances of winning something would be to enter into our regional or global contests as well.

·        Additionally, consider submitting your title early.  This is beneficial in a couple of ways.  One is to save money on the submission fee.  We offer a budget-friendly discount for early-bird submissions. It also gives our judges ample amount of time to read and review your book before the mad rush of submissions we receive towards the end of the contest!

For more information or to register, visit readerviews.com/literaryawards.


About Reader Views

Reader Views is an Austin, Texas, based company. We started late December 2005 as a book review service. Shortly after the company's birth we expanded into offering a variety of services for authors such as book publicity services, editing, author interviews, literary book awards, as well as coaching to write book proposals.
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