“Omnipiece” by Betty L. Sheldon


Betty L. Sheldon
Outskirts Press, Inc. (2009)
ISBN 9781432732561
Reviewed by Roland Hennesay for Reader Views (10/15)

“Omnipiece” takes you on a grand adventure through the centuries of a reality where three deities have created life. Author Betty L. Sheldon uses imagery and settings that give a real sense of celestial grandeur, while keeping the story light and kid-friendly. Her tale involves many worlds, and intelligent life forms, that span across the cosmos but centers on a small blue planet called T’Rest.  On T’Rest the most interesting life forms of all are created, the A’Mennis, the only race in the cosmos with the ability to engender life. The reason the A’Mennis can reproduce is so the Omnis, the deities that created their reality, can cure a mysterious disease, which can infect all of the intelligent life forms in the cosmos.

This book is an imaginative science fiction retelling of some of the most famous Christian religious beliefs, and, naturally, has strong religious overtones that are perfect for young Christian readers, or anyone with an interest in the religion. The author’s descriptive techniques make it easy to imagine the beautiful celestial worlds in “Omnipiece” which makes the book is a fun adventure for anyone. I personally enjoyed drawing the parallels between the parts of the story I was reading and their religious counterparts in the Bible.

At times, I felt the connections between “Omnipiece” and the stories in the Bible were a bit obvious. I also think that the book would benefit from more focus on the dialogue, as it sometimes felt forced, and out of character in places. I found myself confused at who was talking sometimes, because a few of the character introductions seemed rushed, and in a few scenes, many things are said with no names given at all.

In all, I enjoyed “Omnipiece.” Betty L. Sheldon has excellent vision, her ideas on the celestial courts and her whole cosmos were very interesting. Her imagery was excellent, and the descriptions of her characters were cute. I would recommend this to any young reader with interests in Christianity and science fiction.

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