“Seeking the Face of Love” by Hadrian Bradley


Hadrian Bradley
Bradley House (2014)
ISBN 9780692301272
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (05/15)

“Seeking the Face of Love” is an inspiring message of love-based spirituality from author, Hadrian Bradley. Bradley had a strict Evangelical upbringing. He also had to deal with bullying from both adults and peers. His homosexuality made him different from others, which in turn also taught him to look outside the box and see things a bit differently. As a result, he realized that God is the energy of love and love is the universal truth. This will encourage us to embrace diversity. Bradley feels that we should focus on Christ’s message of love instead of traditional religious ideology, which tends to focus on fear. This fear is the source of dark energy. To avoid this, we should guard our minds with the power of love. Focusing on the well-being of others and avoiding the negativity of the media will also help us to embrace the light side of love-based spirituality.

Directing his writings to everyone but Christian Conservatives, the author rapidly covers his views on a variety of topics. These include same-sex marriage; prison reform; drugs; gender equality; racism; abortion; the environment; politics and economics. He presents his ideas through the belief that the system is broken, and can be changed. I believe that most readers will find his views interesting and thought-provoking even if they don’t agree with everything. There is value in reading “Seeking the Face of Love” by Hadrian Bradley and looking at incorporating some of the changes into each reader’s life so that they can play a role in bringing more love and light into our world.

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