“When Bunnies Go Bad” by Clea Simon


Clea Simon
Poison Pen Press (2016)
ISBN 9781464205354
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (03/16)

Animal behaviorist/psychic and amateur sleuth Pru Marlowe is back on a case again in “When Bunnies Go Bad: Pru Marlowe Pet Noir 6” by Clea Simon. This time it involves the murder of a highly unlikeable wealthy tourist. After his body is found, Pru psychically reaches out to his girlfriend’s spaniel to try to figure out what happened. He tries to be helpful but there are some miscommunications. Pru’s law enforcement boyfriend is not willing to share information with her and he makes it clear that she needs to back off her investigation. This seems to make Pru even more determined to find the truth.

The ski bunny girlfriend seems to know a lot more than she is willing to admit. Her boyfriend’s wife doesn’t seem too concerned about his death; she just wants to know where he might be hiding financial accounts from her. The maintenance man at the condo where the ski bunny and her boyfriend were staying got involved accidentally because of his overzealous interest in the girlfriend. Pru soon discovers that there are some gangsters involved with his death and that anybody who has information about the case is in danger. Of course, this includes Pru.

Meanwhile, as she investigates, she still has to deal with her day job that now includes helping an elderly lady care for a wild bunny who has secrets of its own. Pru’s cantankerous cat Wallis also helps her on the case by sharing thoughts about what is really going on. Sometimes Pru doesn’t want to hear the truth, but in the end, Wallis is always there for her.

This is the second book in the Pru Marlowe Pet Noir series that I have read. Once again, I totally enjoyed following along on her adventures with her. Having a heroine with a fast car and a love for animals is a guaranteed way to get me hooked on a mystery. Readers who enjoy humorous unique mysteries humor will love “When Bunnies Go Bad: Pru Marlowe Pet Noir 6” by Clea Simon.


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