“Dating Death” by Randy Rawls


Randy Rawls
White Bird Publications (2016)
ISBN 9781633631519
Reviewed by Carol Hoyer for Reader Views (6/16)

In “Dating Death,” author Randy Rawls once again brings in Beth Bowman, Private Investigator from Coral Keys, Florida to assist in a case against a dirty politician, Roger Adamson. With a call from the Chief of Police Beth finds herself trying to decide if she wants to take a case that will put her and her family and loved ones in extreme danger. Given that she works for a law firm and needs the money, she decides to take on the case.

Beth’s job will be a bodyguard/consort for the obnoxious, abusive city council member Roger Adamson, who has already confessed to taking bribes along with other misdeeds. Adamson is just a small fish in the sea compared to the individuals the police want to take down. Adamson sees himself as untouchable and having a woman like Beth as his bodyguard irks him.

As Beth attends social functions with “Mr. Personality,” she finds that they can’t stand each other and even though there are several other police officers around to help protect her and Adamson, the drug gang finds a way to kill Adamson at a concert. Given that Beth was also injured, the Chief of Police wants her to go into a Witness Protection Program for her own safety. Beth is not willing to leave her life behind and start over.

Beth enlists the help of some invisible people (homeless) to aid her in this takedown, much to the Chief’s dismay. Rather than go into the Witness Protection Program she chooses to become invisible herself and live in a shelter with her friends. Beth being the person she is- impulsive, and headstrong, she soon finds herself kidnapped and framed for a murder she didn’t commit.

There are several aspects of Rawls writing that this reviewer liked, one being that he uses no foul language in his writing, and he writes in a way that has you cheering for the protagonist who goes against authority and he does not bash the police. This is a fast paced, “I can’t put it down” book which puts you right in the action. There are many twists to “Dating Death” by Randy Rawls, however, it is written in such a way that you can read and follow the action easily.

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