“Willpower” by Anna Durand


Anna Durand
Jacobsville Books (2013)
ISBN 9781934631577
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (07/15)

“Willpower” by Anna Durand begins when Grace Powell wakes up with no memories of the past eight months, and she quickly discovers that her life is in danger. People are after a memory stick, which was supposedly given to her by her grandfather before he died in a plane crash. Grace has no idea about what is going on. She is caught even more off guard when a mysterious man named David Ransom comes to her rescue. Under attack by someone that she can’t see, accepting help from a strange man who claims to know her, and discovering that she might be more powerful than she can possibly imagine, adds to the drama. Grace needs to figure out if she can really trust David. She also needs to try to get her memories back so that she can regain her power.

“Willpower,” is a great suspenseful novel. The paranormal elements are extremely intriguing and unique. Following along as the heroine regained her memories and her powers made it almost impossible to put this book down. The romantic elements also add a great touch to the storyline. The author did an excellent job of creating characters that are complex and have depth. The bad guys are also really bad, which made the story even more fun, especially as the heroine regains her powers and works to defeat them.

I enjoyed reading “Willpower” by Anna Durand, look forward to reading the next book in this series, and hope that there are more to follow.

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