“2nd Sight: Capturing Insight” by Ben A. Sharpton


Ben A. Sharpton
Limitless Publishing (2016)
ISBN 9781680586794
Reviewed by Susan Violante for Reader Views (07/16)

Article first published as Book Review: ‘2nd Sight: Capturing Insight’ by Ben A. Sharpton on Blogcritics.

“2nd Sight: Capturing Insight” by Ben A. Sharpton is a chilling paranormal mystery/thriller that will grab readers with the first sentence, and hold on to them for dear life until the very last word of the book is read.

Scott Moore has experienced hallucinations since he was a teenager, but lately they are stronger and occur at more frequent intervals. Scott senses these visions are not hallucinations at all, but a glimpse into actual events. At first, it seems to Scott that the events he witnesses have already occurred, but he soon realizes that some of these visions are of things yet to come, and some may not ever happen at all. After experiencing several visions involving fatal instances, Scott is approached by Dr. Paul Blackwell, a paranormal psychologist, who claims he can help Scott control these visions and use them to help others.

Scott’s wife, Grace, is skeptical of the good doctor, but reluctantly relents upon hearing affirmations of Blackwell’s good intentions, paired with Scott’s ability to discontinue the studies if he ever starts to feel uncomfortable with any part of the process. The tests start out relatively short and simple, but escalate quickly beyond Scott’s expectations as Dr. Blackwell uses some of the information discovered for his own personal gain. Too late, Scott realizes the lengths Blackwell will go in hopes of harnessing this unusual gift.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and breezed through the reading. The writing is clear and concise, and the level of detail is just enough to keep the story flowing smoothly. I greatly appreciate that the narrative unfolds in layman’s terms, as opposed to being bogged down with a lot of technical and medical jargon. The characters are easily relatable, the good guys possessing all the traits worthy of great protagonists, and the bad guys are utterly evil. Interactions between the characters are intense and suspenseful and will keep readers plowing through the text. Plenty of twists and turns in the plot keep the reader guessing and wanting more – you might think you’ve figured out how the story ends,  but trust me, you will be wrong!

“2nd Sight: Capturing Insight” by Ben A. Sharpton is a well-written, phenomenal read I could not put down, and I highly recommend it to a wide audience of mystery/thriller, paranormal, and action/adventure buffs. For readers wanting more, the author has a short story available called “2nd Sight: Just a Feeling,” that is the prequel to this novel.

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