“Adrenaline” by John Benedict


John Benedict
Create Space (2013)
ISBN 9781484897522
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (02/16)

On the cover of the book it says, “heart-stopping,” however, as I read “Adrenaline,” by John Benedict, my heart was definitely pumping! For the patients who are mysteriously dying in the operating room while at the hospital, it is heart-stopping. For the doctors who believe that they are following the proper protocols, it is heart-wrenching, because their patients are unexpectedly dying and their reputations and careers are on the line.

As anesthesiologist Dr. Doug Landry starts looking into what is happening, he discovers that somebody is behind these deaths. The more he investigates, the more the main perpetrator’s mind begins to unravel and his own life comes into danger. Not knowing whom to trust, Dr. Landry is also distressed to find a colleague whom he respects is abusing narcotics, and he has to figure out how to handle that problem as well. While all this is happening, his marriage is falling apart, and he is being actively pursued by a very attractive nurse.

When the situation reaches a climax, Dr. Landry finally figures out the truth, and he is forced to look within and think about what is really important to him. This is a huge learning experience and as he relies on his medical knowledge to save his own life, he is finally able to come to turns with changes that he needs to make within himself. If he can survive past the biggest attempt on his life, he will be able to rectify the things that have gone wrong in his personal world.

“Adrenaline,” seemed very realistic to me. Having worked in a couple of hospitals, I understand how personal work relationships can get out of hand, because when you go to work inside that big building, the outside world seems distant. You are surrounded by people with whom you work closely, and I’ve seen doctors and nurses appear to bond because they have shared some very intense emotional situations while trying to save lives. I appreciate that the author is an anesthesiologist because he realistically applies real medical knowledge to truly bring the story to life. While I loved this aspect of the storyline, there are people who might find it too complex for them to follow. As for myself, I will strongly recommend that people who like medical thrillers read “Adrenaline,” by John Benedict.

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