“Growing Up Metric” by George Contos

growingupmetricGROWING UP METRIC

George Contos
Advantage Media Group (2016)
ISBN 9781599326382
Reviewed by Kai Yaniz for Reader Views (10/16)

“Growing Up Metric” by George Contos explains how to become an efficient leader through defining values, hiring the right people, and fostering optimism and respect as a leader. I found this book to be motivational in terms of the reader finding impetus to revitalize his or her own business aspirations based on the author’s advice.

Contos is a developed writer. There are chapter summaries that also include reference to other books such as “Eat That Frog” and “How to Win Friends and Influence People.” The author struck a balance between personal stories and adding inspirational quotes and other book references, which were placed in ideal locations. There were specific sections that were very strong (e.g. the chapter on customer service and being positive). The author understands his readers’ demographics and was relatable in the telling of his personal experiences. It helped me as the reader to feel closer to the material because I was able to relate to the author and find inspiration in his business advice. The book also discussed concepts that every reader can follow.

“Growing Up Metric” is for the reader aged sixteen to retiree. It is ideal for the business owner or potential entrepreneur whose goal is to learn how to change the direction of their business or to get a better start to their entrepreneurial endeavors.

This book is well written. It had the capacity to inspire and motivate me to rethink my own entrepreneurial endeavors. What I liked the most was the chapter on the concept of a business journal. It was a term I was not familiar with, and I have every intention to create my own business journal due to reading this book. I also enjoyed the section in the introduction that compared companies in the 1970’s with little or no training processes, to today’s companies with human resources departments and developed training programs. It gave insight as to how companies have changed for the better.

I have read numerous business books in the past, and “Growing Up Metric” is recommended for anyone, who has an interest in learning how to improve themselves and/or their business trajectory. I would like to have seen the author vocalize more examples of mistakes in his business growth as the result of not initially implementing his “Growing Up Metric” strategy. This would have made the book even more relatable.

In conclusion, “Growing Up Metric” by George Contos is an enjoyable read that influences motivation and inspiration. The author was able to share his own experiences and discuss other powerful books without removing anything from his perspective. This book is recommended if you are searching for inspiration and how to goal set.


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