“Firethorn Inn” by Larry A. McCarthy


Larry A. McCarthy
Outskirts Press (2016)
ISBN 9781478774488
Reviewed By Susan Violante for Reader Views (12/16)

“Firethorn Inn: A Book of Verse” by Larry A. McCarthy is a collection of rhymes organized in three groups: Natural World, Emotion and Relationships, and Silliness. Yet don’t let this organized collection fool you, as each section is as wide-ranging as its own title. What is evident in all of the verses though, is the author’s unique, simple, and clever voice. I found his writing style refreshing due to his ability to express simple and complex topics through the playful crafting of his verses. Some verses are very shorts, and others are few pages long, all of them are worth reading again, and again. My favorite long one is “Root Cellar” as it made laugh and remember some of my own experiences with my mother and the laundry room, which was all the way at the back of our huge back yard. I also loved the tiny visual ones like ‘Hummingbird’, which I will share with you below:

A flit, a flick,
A humming blurred,
A dip, a sip,
A hummingbird.”

But the ones that will stay with me for a while are a thought provoking and clever one called “Out of Nothing – Chaos,” and a silly fun rhyme called “Pickled Piper.” I am mentioning these two because they resonated deep within the silly me, my life experiences and deep philosophical questions about humanity. I am sure all readers will find a few that will speak to them as well.

McCarthy did a great job formatting and producing this collection. Readers will be entertained and literary enriched by his writing style and playful craft. I am sure that the audience, like me, will find this collection worth keeping in their personal libraries to revisit from time to time.

“Firethorn Inn: A Book of Verse” by Larry A. McCarthy is a five star clever, fun, and thought provoking collection of rhymes and verses which will enrich readers book shelves for sure!


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