“A Foreign Shore: Rain of Fire, Rain of Blood” by Forrest Johnson


Forrest Johnson
Forrest Johnson (2016)
ISBN 9780692784280
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (02/17)

“A Foreign Shore: Rain of Fire, Rain of Blood” by Forrest Johnson is the second volume in the A Foreign Shore series, following “Clothes Make a Man.” Not having read the first volume, I could easily follow along with the second, however, I would liked to have read the first one prior to the second because the references to previous events intrigued me.

In “Rain of Fire, Rain of Blood” the drama takes off very quickly when a witch is assigned to investigate why the sky rained fire and then blood. The witch’s investigation leads her to Raeesha, who is the rebellious daughter of Sheikh Mahmud. Raeesha believes that she is pregnant. This is bad enough, and will get her in a lot of trouble, however, when the witch traps Raeesha in stasis in her room of the “Experiment in Sorcery,” she discovers that Raeesha’s body is being used to house a demon parasite. When Raeesha gets upset, the demon gets riled and crazy things happen, like the sky raining fire and blood.

Raeesha’s younger brother Rajik has no clue what is going on, and invades the witch’s quarters in an attempt to rescue her. In doing so, he disrupts a ritual, causing them to be sent to a Demon world. In this world, the group tries to find a way to escape; however, they must deal with different demon factions including the Wind Bag tribe who fly around on sky ships creating havoc wherever they go.

As the trio tries to make their escape, other things are happening back home. Dangerous alliances form among several of the main characters in this story. Betrayal is rampant, and some of the leading officers do not find comfort in their actions conquering others in battles needing to be won. This tale concludes with a lot of fast-paced action that will not disappoint the reader!

I really enjoyed reading “A Foreign Shore: Rain of Fire, Rain of Blood” by Forrest Johnson. I found the characters to be well developed and the good ones, including some of the demons were likeable. The author incorporates a lot of unique ideas into this story. I also liked the well-done illustrations that are interspersed throughout the pages. This is a must read for fans of fantasy!

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