“Something’s Bound to Happen” by Michael Kasenow


Michael Kasenow
Infinity Publishing (2016)
ISBN 9781495810046
Reviewed by Susan Violante for Reader Views (11/16)

“Something’s Bound To Happen” by Michael Kasenow is an eclectic collection of poems. They are all different – some long, some short; some rhyme more than others, some talk of pain, some of youth’s blitz, some are about life, others are about death. They all go from our beautiful humanity to our sins, and are all deep expressions of our human soul. The author presents his collection in a simple format, in some cases sharing a quote at the top of the page. I specifically loved this feature, as the quotes will get the reader in the mood for the poem that follows. The poems are not organized following any specific identifiable order, however, the reading flow made sense to me, whether reading in order or jumping through.

Kasenow’s voice is evident and clear. I believe that readers will identify with the feelings expressed and his point of view. Yet, they will also be able to open their mind and heart as they visit their own feelings and point of views as the author’s style inspires to look within. Some of my favorites are ‘ROADS,’ ‘BLACKBIRD,’ and ‘A LITTLE GIRL PLAYING.’ This last one is short enough to share here as a sample:


‘Love is morning birds

On the ground, in the spring.

Hope is a toddler

Running for their wings,

Laughing with joy,

Happy as a kite,

Hands full of air,

As the birds take flight.’

I loved its lightness, and the way it transported me to that time when I played free as a little girl, making me miss the freedom our souls had when we were young and naïve.

Overall, I totally loved Michael Kasenow’s “Something’s Bound to Happen.” It will definitely remain in my library to enjoy from time to time. It is a five star collection of poems that is both inspiring and thought provoking.

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