“Secret Science and the Secret Space Program” by Herbert G. Dorsey III


Herbert G. Dorsey III
Herbert Grove Dorsey III Publishing (2015)
ISBN 9780578152387
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (5/17)

The author of “Secret Science and the Secret Space Program,” Herbert G. Dorsey III, has a background in Electrical Engineering, Physics and free energy systems. He also has an intense interest in extraterrestrials, teleportation, time travel, and free energy. Dorsey claims that we have actually made huge scientific advances in these areas, some of which happened in the 20th century. However, he states the knowledge of these scientific accomplishments is being kept a secret by groups who are trying to protect their financial interests. Much of what I read in this book has been theorized about before, including the incident of the Manhattan Project. It was really interesting to learn more about it.

The author presents information on all the subjects mentioned above, plus his belief that the Cold War was a front for the United States and Russia to cover up their collaboration in a space program that put bases on the moon and Mars. There are also human-like aliens actively involved with these secret groups on earth. Some well-known people who have had this information shared with them, have now had their memories erased. Memory erasing helps protect the secrets and allow the research to continue without public involvement.

The information put forth by Herbert G. Dorsey, III is truly out of this world! I found “Secret Science and the Secret Space Program,” to be a fascinating read. I do not have the scientific background of the author, nor have I had access to the knowledge that he has. I would love to continue to do more research on these matters because if this information is correct, I believe that most of this science should be put to use. Conspiracy theorists will love reading this book!

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