“A Perfect Plan” by Alyssa Drake


Alyssa Drake
CreateSpace (2016)
ISBN 9781523827053
Reviewed by Shamekia Agnew for Reader Views (05/17)

“A Perfect Plan,” by Alyssa Drake is a sweet romance and fun to read. It took me back to what I love about romance novels. It’s easy and unforced. It is the perfect companion for a rainy afternoon or a night of candlelit reading, or for the end of a crappy day. It is a bubble bath, wine, and chocolate sort of read. I think I like it because it is not trying to be anything more, a lot of romance novels try to sound literary, and that takes away the fun. It makes them difficult to read. This author has trust in her audience and in her story not to overwhelm with melodrama. There is time to care about the characters and care about their circumstances. The story is sweet, fun, and intriguing.

The men are dashing and brave. The women are heroic damsels. I really enjoyed the heroine’s sass and awkwardness. She maintains a certain innocence and integrity. She pushes society’s standards based on her terms because she doesn’t know any other way to be, and she doesn’t sacrifice that to fit in. The hero is the classic gentleman rogue.

I also enjoyed the author’s approach to the story. I love marriage of convenience stories. As much as I love them, there is a difficult balance to maintain believability enough to stay engaged in the story and the characters. I feel the time and care the author took to create this story and it was so appreciated. With so many authors using alternative methods of publishing, they often bypass how beneficial editing is to their vision.

I am excited about book 2 to see how it all comes together. I am excited to see if and how the characters change and grow. I am excited for the twists and turns because the author does not try to keep the reader on edge throughout the story, she offers relief from the drama to enjoy the sweetness and romance of the story. Even the author’s use of clichés adds sweetness to the story, making them easy to forgive. I hope she has more stories to share. “A Perfect Plan” by Alyssa Drake is a perfect relief.

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