“Alcohol Ink Dreamscaping” by June Rollins


June Rollins
CreateSpace (2013)
ISBN 9781490544441
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (09/16)

I’d never actually heard of alcohol ink or dreamscaping, it was the beautiful cover showing the artist’s work that caught my attention. Because “Alcohol Ink Dreamscaping” by June Rollins is a quick reference guide, I immediately was able to catch up on my lack of knowledge. This style of artwork interests me because I get very frustrated when I try to create beautiful works of art and end up messing them up by painting outside the lines. With this style, there are no boundary-setting lines. Mentally I think this is freeing for people who want to create something for relaxation.

I love that “Alcohol Ink Dreamscaping” is organized in a way that introduces the reader to the basics of dreamscaping so that she will immediately know what is involved and whether or not it will be something that she will want to pursue. I definitely discovered an interest and look forward to collecting what I need to get started. I also appreciate that numerous examples of different ways of working with this media are backed up with photographs of the artist’s work. These beautiful examples make it even more motivating for me to get started, but it also helps to have visual explanations for what she is discussing. She also offers photographs of the actual techniques, and I for one, find seeing a real picture to be much more helpful than looking at a diagram. I also appreciate the websites that are cited for supplies and more information. This will enable me to come up with more ideas.

“Alcohol Ink Dreamscaping” by June Rollins is a great resource to give yourself as a gift, if you are exploring ways to develop your artistic side. I also think it would make a great gift for a newly retired individual because it offers a new avenue to explore for leisure time. I plan to get started with this by using paper for the ink, but I hope to be able to move on to tiles so that I can created hinged boxes, such as the author has, to give as personal gifts. They are beautiful and will be something unique to give to someone that has everything. Either way, friends and family will benefit from this book!

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