“The Flying Dragon” by George Ugeux


George Ugeux
Archway Publishing (2015)
ISBN 9781480818569
Reviewed by Shamekia Agnew for Reader Views (11/16)

“The Flying Dragon” by George Ugeux, is a thriller that takes place in Hong Kong, in the world of finance.  The heroine is a Chinese detective, solving a crime for the boyfriend of the her friend, whose heart he broke…yeah, I know right?

I was so excited to read this story as I love books with minorities as main characters.  There is not a lot of representation out there, so when I have a chance I make an effort to support stories that offer that.  I do not see many books that have an Asian female as its feature unless she is a romanticized geisha or an emotionally suppressed martyr.  I was looking forward to this change. My excitement didn’t last long.

Unfortunately, it reads like a professional gossip dossier.  For instance, in a few paragraphs of meeting a new character there is usually a flashback scene telling me everything about them, or two characters telling each other the information over green tea.  And there was a lot of green tea, which I know is popular over there.  It soon became cliché for every character meeting or pensive moment.  The author used gossip as his means to communicate information to the audience.  Telling us everything without the suspense or mystery.

The character relationships seemed awkward and forced.  Remember solving a crime for the boyfriend of her friend, whose heart he broke?  This savvy sophisticated Chinese detective gets wrapped up in a case because the man that broke her friend’s heart needed help.  She wouldn’t have gotten involved except for her friend’s tears and selfless love for an unforgivable cad (insert eye roll)…I wouldn’t normally be so harsh, but it’s beyond frustrating when the author didn’t make any effort to tell another culture’s point of view.

I do try to find the good points of each book and “The Flying Dragon” by George Ugeux would be good for people that spend a lot of time in their left brain but don’t have much time to read.  Something that is an easy day read that’s not too involved.

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