“Blessed be me–There is a God” by Stan Robinson


Stan Robinson PhD, PE
Goose River Press (2017)
ISBN 9781597131766
Reviewed by Anna Riley for Reader Views (09/17)

In “Blessed be me–There is a God” by Stan Robinson, the author shares with readers events in his life where he should have perished, and or have been seriously injured.  He begins the book telling the reader how his grandfather asked him to promise him that he would pray every day, and that he would look after him, even in death.  Stan vowed to keep that promise, and so far, he has been successful. He then begins giving us stories, followed by facts of the events, with some genealogy thrown in the mix as well.

Robinson gives us miraculous tales of his survival due to help from angels.  He would not have been able to survive a great fall without someone or “something” throwing him a rope to hang on to.   I think the most bizarre experience was when the ghost of Stan’s grandfather’s shows up and takes an image out of Stan’s TV and throws it at him.

I think the writing was not what I was expecting.  It was as if someone was writing a text book for a class.  For instance, there is a history of the author’s, “ancestry from 1880-1924,” which felt to me, unnecessary to the story.   Also after giving an interesting recollection of some of the happenings, the events were then picked apart like it was part of a science class. I could have related to this book so much more if the author stayed in story mode and lost the technical aspects. He is obviously exceptionally smart, and sees the world in a way the average brain does not.

“Blessed be me–There is a God” by Stan Robinson is for anyone who enjoys the technicality of divine stories, and those who like to analyze every detail and facet of a story.  I also think this may be a better read for older adults, as well as anyone who holds a PhD in science.

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