“Be Your Own Brand of Sexy” by Susan L. Edelman, MD


Susan L. Edelman, MD
Options Press (2015)
ISBN 9781942343226
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (06/17)

How do you feel about a man being late for a date? How about when he wants to take things too fast? Do you give in because you are afraid he will get it from someone else? What if he doesn’t believe in marriage, even though you do? What if he asks you out and then expects you to pay? How much bad behavior are you willing to put up with? “Be Your Own Brand of Sexy” by Susan L. Edelman, MD addresses these issues and more. The author is a psychiatrist who works with women’s issues. In terms of relationships, she feels that we all need to find what personally works for us, however, there seems to be a common theme in that being a doormat for a man in a relationship really doesn’t work for anyone in the long run.

I truly wish I had this book back when I was a teenager. This is a must read for women of all ages. It is a book that should be highlighted and dog-eared because we will need to revisit topics that are close to our hearts, over and over. As I read, I could feel myself noting particularly bad behaviors that I put up with in the past. I feel I am a stronger woman now, but I still learned a lot. While it mostly seems directed at single women, I think there is something of value in here for all women. It will also help women deal with their girlfriends who are settling and putting up with bad behavior either because they are too blinded by their hormones or they are afraid of being alone. Nothing good can come when a woman does not honor herself. A strong confident woman will either attract a healthy man that will admire this attribute, or she will learn to be okay with being alone rather than lonely in an unhealthy relationship.

I cannot emphasize how much all women need to read “Be Your Own Brand of Sexy” by Susan L. Edelman, MD! If you are a teacher, consider making this required reading. If you are a mother, get a copy for yourself and one for each daughter. If you are a single woman struggling to find Mr. Right, rather than Mr. Right-Now, you need to stop and read this book before you take another step in the wrong direction. This isn’t a Man Hating 101 type of text; rather it is about encouraging women to honor themselves. By feeling strong and confident, they will create their own brand of sexy.

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