“The Fabric of Health” by John W. Cardano


John W. Cardano
Xlibris (2015)
ISBN 9781503580954
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (05/17)

Author John Cardano has learned how to overcome major health challenges, including debilitating injuries sustained in Vietnam, and a diagnosis of stage IV cancer that he experienced later in life.  In “The Fabric of Health: Pain, Cancer and Personal Relations,” Cardano relives his experiences by taking us along on his journey through healing on his own terms. When he realized that the medical profession was failing him, Cardano began exploring healing through alternative holistic means. As he discovered natural ways to get around his chronic pain, he realized that it was the personal relationship that he developed with his own fabric of health that brought about his ability to heal. This fabric involves how we relate to our own body, mind, spirit and emotions. By resetting what is out of balance in our energy, we can heal and get our lives back.

In this book, Cardano shares what worked for him. His journey was truly incredible. He even had opportunities to travel in Asia so that he could delve deeper into his spiritual path. By focusing on changing the quality of his life, he was able to heal his emotions. As the book progresses and he discusses delving further into his healing by spiritual means, his path became more and more amazing. As a reader, I felt like I could feel healing energy emanating from the pages of the book. I found myself feeling both relaxed and refreshed as I went further into the story. This was an amazing feeling for me, and it inspires me to want to go further into finding alternative ways to heal from the chronic pain that haunts my days and nights.

If you are dealing with health issues, I strongly recommend that you read “The Fabric of Health: Pain, Cancer and Personal Relations” by John Cardano. The author’s healing story will make you want to create one of your own, and he will give you plenty of ideas of different paths to try. This book would also make an amazing gift for someone needing physical and spiritual healing.

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