“Gaining the Higher Ground over Evolutionism” by Robert J. O’Keefe


Robert J. O’Keefe
iUniverse (2012)
ISBN 9781475949629
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (06/17)

Through “Gaining the Higher Ground over Evolutionism,” author Robert J. O’Keefe presents a heavily researched dissertation on the ideological nature of our origins. In it, he discusses the historical contributions of scientists and philosophers and he explains how they helped lead us into the evolutionism vs. creationism debates that are ongoing today.  O’Keefe frequently references Genesis and discusses how the information presented has frequently been misused and misinterpreted over time. An interesting discussion on how there are three levels of the mind that apply to belief systems helps demonstrate how people can make assumptions about what is true. Culture and religion definitely have an impact on how we interpret something.

Just as humans can use their belief systems to misinterpret the bible, they can also use them to alter their beliefs regarding the important aspects of the history of the sciences involving biology, astronomy and geology. Using what he believes to be valid points regarding Genesis, O’Keefe presents what appears to be a valid argument against the ideology behind evolutionism.

I found this book to be fascinating. As a believer in evolutionism, I liked being taken out of my belief system and shown a new way of thinking about creationism that appears to be valid. People tend to get emotional when they present arguments regarding evolutionism and creationism. Emotional arguments lose me immediately. It is refreshing to see this ongoing argument presented in a way that leaves the emotions out and appears to be heavily researched.

“Gaining the Higher Ground over Evolutionism” is categorized under Science/Philosophy/Religion. It covers a wide range of bases. Author Robert O’Keefe states that it was intended to be used with a workbook for higher level high school students. While it would most likely not be used in public schools, it would do well in private institutions, especially Christian ones. For it to be used in a high school, it is my belief that because of the complexity of the presentation, it would best be geared towards honors students.  Personally, I think it would make a great text to be used in college level critical thinking courses. The reader would not only learn about the topic, but also how their belief systems can be influenced on various levels. I would have loved to have had this book in college and highly recommend it for a philosophy or critical thinking course.

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