“175 Best Instant Pot Recipes” by Marilyn Haugen

175BestInstantPotRecipes175 BEST INSTANT POT RECIPES

Marilyn Haugen
Robert Rose (2016)
ISBN 9780778805427
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (06/17)

I first became interested in getting an instant pot cooker listening to my coworkers discuss them. One of the men commented that they are God’s gift to single dads. While I am not a dad, single, or even male, the comment caught my attention. Convenient and easy is critical when focusing on creating wholesome, healthy, non-processed meals. This is my goal, and “175 Best Instant Pot Recipes” by Marilyn Haugen is the perfect cookbook to use with any of the programmable multi-cookers.

The recipes mainly cover the pressure cooker, slow cooker, and the quick-and-easy cook functions, and each recipe indicates which function of the machine should be used. For example, the Mexican Refried Beans uses the slow cook function, and the homemade yogurt uses the steam/yogurt function. I was pleased to see that yogurt can be made with nut milk instead of dairy.

Recipes are divided up by dish types, for example there is a section for breakfast dishes.  All recipes use a good description and the measurements also include metric. Tips are included, along with some delicious looking pictures. There is also a section on the basics of using the machines that is much easier to read than the directions that come in the box.  I like that the author selected a wide range of recipes ranging from traditional to the more exotic. I was amazed to see that cakes can be cooked in this machine! While a lot of recipes contain meat, there is also a broad selection for vegetarians and vegans to enjoy.

This cookbook makes the perfect gift for all cooks, whether they are beginner or advanced. For a big gift, like for a wedding, I suggest getting the recipient the machine along with a cookbook. The cookbook stands well on its own as a smaller gift for other occasions. And, “175 Best Instant Pot Recipes” by Marilyn Haugen is the perfect gift to give to yourself at any time!  I am so happy to be able to finally get started on making some easy meals that can cook while I sleep.

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