“Strings: A Love Story” by Megan Edwards


Megan Edwards
Imbrifex Books (2017)
ISBN 9781945501036
Reviewed by Sheri Hoyte for Reader Views (1/18)

“Strings: A Love Story” by Megan Edwards is a beautiful love story that will absolutely melt the hearts of romance novel devotees.

Ted and Olivia have been in love since they first met each other in high school, where Ted was cast as Lancelot and Olivia as Guenevere in the school’s production of Camelot. Surely a sign they are meant to be together, right? But fate interferes from the beginning as life gets in the way. Ted becomes a respected violinist with the Vienna Philharmonic, Olivia a famous actress.  Both work hard to accomplish their dreams, and from all appearances they both have everything they’ve ever desired.  But, at what cost?

Okay, I am a sucker for romance and Megan Edwards must have seen me coming!  I absolutely loved this story.  It starts as a sweet, almost coming-of-age-boy-meets-girl type of romance and continues over several decades, with love always just a bit out of reach.

Timeless issues like societal barriers, life going in different directions, misunderstandings, and ill-fated timing, are given a fresh face as Edwards brings new life to the beloved genre through “Strings,” with one simple tactic:  telling the story through Ted’s point of view.  Imagine the tenderness, the bittersweet, the pining—all from a man’s point of view – wow!  Ted captured my heart and my whole experience with the story was elevated as I connected with Ted through his heart, his feelings and the actions he takes to push through the rough patches. Edwards certainly captures the souls of her characters—they are authentic and relatable, though not all likeable.  Readers will fall in love with several of them and despise a few others, but there aren’t any characters that do not evoke some sort of reaction.

I was also impressed with the knowledge emanating through the pages relating to the musical side of the story.  Edwards is either a classical music and violin aficionado, or she really did her homework. A little dose of drama around a violin that has been missing for centuries adds another layer to the story and a certain bit of elegance to an already sophisticated plot.

The writing is absolutely fabulous, and the storyline and characters are captivating and engaging.  You might think you know how it’s going to end, but you don’t.  Trust me.  I highly recommend “Strings: A Love Story” by Megan Edwards for a mesmerizing emotional journey.

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