“Bipolar Sagacity Volume 3” by Thomas D. Sharts, M.ED


Thomas D. Sharts M.ED
Xlibris (2017)
ISBN 9781543439588
Reviewed by Carol Hoyer for Reader Views (1/18)

Through our lives, we have a tendency to accept, question, rebel and sometimes live a role that is not our true self. Thomas D. Sharts, M.ED, reinforces these ideas in his 3rd volume of “Bipolar Sagacity,” where he provides “those sayings” that many of us have experienced or thought about.

What is different about his presentation of this book is he just jumps right in with his thoughts. There is no introduction as to why he chose to write this or the way he did. There is very little about him on the internet other than he is Department Chair of Social Sciences and Fine Arts with Northern Marianas College, and he has written numerous books.

As I read through this for the first time, my initial thoughts were these would be some great discussion questions for philosophy or psychology classes. However, upon my second reading through the text, my thoughts changed to the opinion that there is a lot of anger, and negative thoughts throughout these pages. Granted there are several thoughts such as, “If you don’t push, things will remain the same as long as they are allowed to.” Or, “There’s nothing dignified about sitting in a socially-imposed prison of a life because of bigotry, hate, untruth and injustice,” that ring true for many readers. This latter one is one we see all the time on the news, in politics or outdated beliefs today.

Overall I think that readers will be able to relate to many of the thoughts provided by the author, depending on where they are in life and prior experiences. He provides many areas to ponder and a variety of topics. Sometimes seeing thoughts written in black and white often trigger a change. I’m a firm believer the more unhappy you are with your life, the more negative your thoughts.

I will admit that the one area that found most off-putting was the cursing. I personally just don’t find it beneficial in this type of book. I also prefer a bit of introduction as to why the book was written and what the author wants readers to get out of it. However, if you like a challenge and are willing to slowly read and ponder many of these thoughts, “Bipolar Sagacity Volume 3” by Thomas D. Sharts, M.ED, is for you.

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