“We All Have Souls And I Think We Can Prove It” by Tom Blaschko


Tom Blaschko
Pine Winds Press (2017)
ISBN 9780937663127
Reviewed by Kimberly Luyckx for Reader Views (2/18)

Have you wondered why some people are more emotionally linked than others? In Tom Blaschko’s book, “We All Have Souls And I Think We Can Prove It,” the connections between souls is brought to light. Blaschko provides a well-organized look at the concept of a soul and its components through documented experiments and stories of events occurring outside of our sensory perception. The basic concepts are laid out at the book’s beginning to provide a clear path to the author’s main premise – that everything has a soul. The author defines the regions of the soul as distinct areas for expressing and emitting Energy, Will, Voice, Wish, Heart, Mind and Information. Together they make up the soul along with the energy source or life force that flows within and between these regions. It is this life force and the obstacles that interfere with receiving, losing or sharing it, that is the crux of Blaschko’s writing.

The concept of a soul is further explored with several simple examples and exercises that the reader can perform in just a few minutes. By implementing these practices, one can easily test their own soul aspects to get a better idea of what the author is trying to communicate. In addition, Blaschko provides many references to studies and writings by other authors to expand his text. He is careful to point out, throughout his book, that there are details that he is still studying and, therefore, cannot verify. In spite of that, he asks the questions; which gives the book an interesting approach to open expression, experimentation and participation on the part of the reader.

Despite the evidence provided, a more scientific mind may not be convinced that everything has a soul. It is only through a slow digestive process that the components and concepts can be understood here. His chapter entitled Proof tackles well the evidence and reasoning for a human soul’s existence.

In the end, Blaschko’s book is for those that are open to pursuing the meaning of a soul and how we are all connected. For some, it may be helpful to check out his earlier work, “Calculating Soul Connections” to delve into the subject more deeply.

Overall, the book is very uplifting and paints the major picture that we are all in this together. Meaning, what you do is not fixed in a bubble but affecting and affected by everything that surrounds you. “We All Have Souls” makes it easier to understand the role that the soul plays in our mind-body complex. Tom Blaschko believes that the “goal of the soul is to have the right amount of energy and information in each of the regions to fulfill our wishes.” It makes sense that greater happiness can be achieved when our energetic components are smoothly connected within and between ourselves.

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