“Cashed Out” by Michael H. Rubin


Michael H. Rubin
Fiery Seas Publishing, LLC (2017)
ISBN 9781946143198
Review by Michel Violante for Reader Views (2/18)

“Cashed Out” by Michael H. Rubin is a fast-paced legal thriller featuring an unsuccessful lawyer, his corrupt ex-wife, and a shady client involved in a large corporate cover-up. Set in a swampy bayou in Southern Louisiana, readers will find themselves right in the middle of the action that doesn’t stop until the very end.

Hypolite Schexnaydre, known as ‘Schex’ is a failed lawyer, with a failed marriage, failed credit, no cash and a broken business.  When he is unexpectedly hired by G.G. Guidry, the owner of a toxic waste processing plant, Schex thinks his luck has changed.  Guidry wants Schex to “paper up” his companies and has him register five different corporations under the name of Guidry’s girlfriend. Less than a week later Guidry shows up dead in his toxic waste processing plant. A couple of nights before his death Guidry stopped by Schex’s place and handed him a suitcase, requesting he hide it in a safe place without opening it.  After Guidry’s death, Schex decides to open the suitcase, finding $4 million in cash.  With his only client dead, and a suitcase filled with cash, what else can go wrong? Oh yeah, his ex-wife asks him to defend her, as she is the prime suspect in Guidry’s murder…

Michael H. Rubin presents readers with a well-written, fast paced legal action thriller.  I enjoyed the narrator’s voice – so funny at times and sarcastic, definitely entertaining. The action is described so vividly that it was easy to picture in my mind, almost like watching a movie, and the descriptions of the bayou area transported me directly into the action. Filled with dialogue, the plot flows perfectly, as characters developed and unraveled through the dialogue. Schex is a character with genuine flaws, easily identifiable with readers. I honestly found it hard to put this book down, and finished it in a couple of sittings.

I am more than comfortable recommending “Cashed Out” by Michael H. Rubin as a five-star legal/action thriller to anyone looking for a fast-paced awesome read!

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