“Murder on Pea Pike” by Jean Harrington


Jean Harrington
Camel Press, Inc. (2017)
ISBN 9781603816472
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (3/18)

“Murder on Pea Pike” is the first book in the ‘Listed and Lethal’ series by Jean Harrington. The heroine in this tale is up-and-coming realtor, Honey Ingersoll. Hailing from a trailer park, Honey is working her way up the ladder of success.

A couple of failed relationships have taught her to set her sights high, and in this case, her sights are on her handsome boss, Sam Ridley. Honey is dismayed when Sam announces his engagement to a Senator’s snooty daughter named Lila Lott. The Senator appears to be involved in some type of development scheme in Honey’s small town of Eureka Falls, Arkansas.

This scheme directly involves Honey after she discovers a body on one of the properties in question. Then she finds some diamonds in the rough on another property. After she stumbles upon another dead body on that property, Honey is determined to find out who the murderer is. She also becomes a person of interest in this case. She has been a person of interest, for a long time, with the town Sheriff Matt Rameros, who has more of a personal interest in her. After he realizes that Honey could be in danger, Matt is determined to keep her safe. Honey doesn’t make it easy on him because she is even more steadfast in finding the murderer.

“Murder on Pea Pike” by Jean Harrington is a fun whodunit. Whether you like them or not, the characters are quirky and entertaining. Honey is a likeable diamond-in-the-rough, and it is fun to watch her character evolve into a more sophisticated woman.  While she is likeable, the hero Matt Rameros is loveable. His character is handsome and sexy. To top it all off, he has integrity! Readers will enjoy following along as they try to figure out who the murderer is through the creative twists and turns of the plot.

“Murder on Pea Pike” by Jean Harrington would make a great selection for a reader’s group. Lively discussions are guaranteed! I look forward to reading the next book in this series, and hope there will be more to follow in the near future.

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