“Halorum” by Sedar Aydemir


Sedar Aydemir
Amazon Digital Services LLC (2017)
Reviewed by Susan Violante for Reader Views (4/18)

I was drawn to “Halorum” by Sedar Aydemir right away as a fan of medieval, fantasy and paranormal stories because it has elements of each one in the story. King Tarkin, ruler of the Kingdom of the Light called ‘Halorum’ is attacked inside his castle. Lucky for him Paulira, his best Knight Reaper, saw the possessed man sneak in the castle and arrived to the King’s defense just in time through a secret passage. Paulira slays the demon-possessed man but she and the King noticed that this wasn’t a regular possession. Worried that there is a stronger dark force behind things, King Tarkin sends Paulira to look for an old friend of his, who is known as a legendary warrior. They didn’t know that they were against the clock as the dark forces were getting closer to ‘Halorum’ gaining strength and territory, while faith plummeted and souls were corrupted…

Sedar Aydemir gives readers an epic adventure where the forces of Light are in danger as they struggle with a new dark force. Faith struggles to keep alive in the realm; women are as fierce in bed as in battle, and fantasy, magic, and the supernatural, mix with medieval times! Aydemir does a great job describing action, developing characters and creating a suspenseful page turning plot. Although, I am not crazy about steaming sex scenes, I truly enjoyed the read. I loved the narration voice which kept me engaged as much as the action. However, I did feel that the voice changed from time to time and that confused me a little, bringing me out of the story. Other than that I found Sedar Aydemir’s writing skills and style awesome.

In general I found to “Halorum” by Sedar Aydemir to be a great debut novel, sure to be loved by readers. An engaging read full of sex, battles, demons, magic, and knights galore!

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