“Untold Secrets about Auto Repair” by H. Odi


H. Odi
Outskirts Press (2016)
ISBN 9781478772040
Reviewed by Carol Hoyer for Reader Views (3/18)

One of the first things many people do when confronted with car trouble, myself included, is do an internet search to diagnose what the problem is, or ask a friend. We all need to remember the internet isn’t always the most reliable place to go. In his book, “Untold Secrets about Auto Repair,” author H. Odi has organized some excellent points for first-time car owners, or even those a little more seasoned.  It is an easy to read, well organized book that many will find to be “common sense,” yet I know for many we never look at the vehicle’s manual or say “Oh, it’s nothing major, I can drive this for a while.”

Odi states when buying a car for the first time, determine how long you think you might keep the vehicle, and how many miles you drive yearly to estimate whether maintenance will be high or low. Bear in mind that some cars require special parts and they might not be easy to find. The author suggests that if you buy parts from outside the business make sure they come with a warranty.

Other suggestions include: knowing what your warranty covers, at a minimum glance through your vehicle manual, and keep your sales receipts for future reference.

I like that he recommends tips for choosing a reliable mechanic—such as getting referrals from friends, checking out reviews and the BBB for any issues. Often if you go into a shop, you can get a good idea of how they treat customers, and can look to see if their current certification from the National Institute for Automotive Services Excellence (ASE Certified) is posted, so it is easy to see. If you don’t see it posted, ask them to show you their current certification.

A good suggestion when looking for repairs or maintenance is to check online/print coupons and ads on TV. During the holiday’s shops are slow and are willing to match other legitimate coupons from other businesses. Remember to see if they give military, senior or AAA discounts.  While reading these suggestions, it reminded me of my daughter who went to get an inspection for her car. It passed, however, the person at the counter said: you need to get new tires, a new battery and new shocks. Little did she know that these were possible future repairs and did not require immediate attention.  Get what you went in to get fixed, then get a second opinion. You are not obligated to do your maintenance or repairs at that business.

“Untold Secrets about Auto Repair,” by H. Odi is quite informative, easy to understand and provides you with several options for when your car needs servicing.

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