“The Austin Paradox” by William R. Leibowitz


William R. Leibowitz
Manifesto Media Group (2018)
ISBN 9780989866293
Reviewed by Carol Hoyer for Reader Views (6/18)

From the very first page of “The Austin Paradox,” author William R. Leibowitz captured my attention. The story is based on a gifted scientist whose research has developed cures for several deadly diseases. Just as he is on the verge of finding a cure for AIDS, his laboratory blows up nearly killing him and his family, and has destroyed a majority of his research.

Readers follow Robert James Austin and his family who are in a WITSC protection program due to some unsavory individuals who want to permanently stop his research in their own quest for power, control and greed. After having survived a five-month coma and massive injuries, Austin realizes he has lost his genius skills and cannot even read or analyze the simplest mathematical formula.

Colum McAlister, the former CEO of one of the largest Big Pharma companies in the world, Bushings Pharmaceuticals is now serving nineteen years in prison for a multitude of charges ranging from money laundering, extortion and murder. However, this does not stop him from continuing his “deadly deeds” from prison. McAlister plans to make and control the cure for a deadly disease that will be developed by another researcher who is under his control.

As readers may know, bio-engineered viruses are a major topic of concern by all world leaders, families around the dinner table, and major research facilities. We have already seen the impact of specific gases that have wiped out communities.

Leibowitz provides readers with well-developed characters and subplots that will scare even the most unshakable personalities. The book does have some terminology that is unfamiliar and might require looking up a few terms. Due to the very detailed nature of the narratives, this is not a fast read, and one will want to take the time to absorb the information, but make no mistake – you will be kept on the edge of your seat right from the beginning.

The “Austin Paradox” is the sequel to the author’s award-winning, “Miracle Man” and I found the story stands firmly on its own merits. William  R. Leibowitz does a great job of keeping the suspense and action going throughout the book and I recommend this compelling read to all who enjoy intense medical/psychological thrillers who might ask, “Could this really happen?”


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