“The Apprentice” by Rick Pullen


Rick Pullen
Blair House Publishing (2017)
ISBN 9780999491003
Reviewed by Carol Hoyer for Reader Views (8/18)

Rick Pullen’s “The Apprentice” will capture you right from the start and keep your attention to the last page.

Tish Woodward, a young up-and-coming reporter, is filling in for her boyfriend’s regular reporter who quit and moved to another job. She is excited to be covering the new President-elect who happens to be a woman; no one in Washington, D.C. ever expected her to win. Suddenly pandemonium happens as the President-elect is assassinated during her acceptance speech. Detrick Templeton, her running mate, becomes the new President-elect and Tish is pushed into the role of investigating him. With that this naïve reporter sees the real side of politics in D.C.

Tish happens to be at the right place at the right time and has an uncanny ability or luck to stay ahead of all the news stations with her in-depth knowledge of Templeton, medical concerns and his ability to run the nation. Her boyfriend has also taken some excellent video of the assassination and shady characters in the room that fateful night.

Pullen uses his extensive experience as an investigative reporter to provide vivid descriptions of the scheming, cutthroat life of those who live and breathe in the political world of the nation’s capital. Interestingly enough the title and characters in the book closely resemble our current climate in D.C.; our President, his family and the fake news. Even though we see this played out on a daily basis on the news, I think what stood out to me were the characters and how the plot unfolds. Tish, although a new reporter was quite naive to the real world and who she could trust. Another character, Jim Grant who is feeding unknown details about Templeton to Tish is an unsavory character whose motives are less than honorable.

“The Apprentice” is fast-paced, a page turner and the ending…well, you will have to see for yourself. I can’t wait to read the sequel to this engaging story. I highly recommend “The Apprentice” by Rick Pullen to those who like fast-action, drama and a good mystery.

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