“James and Lee: The Great Scare” by Gregory James


Gregory James
Crosslink Publishing (2018)
ISBN 9781633571280
Reviewed by Susan Violante for Reader Views (08/18)

I was drawn to “James and Lee: The Great Scare” by Gregory James right away by the front cover…I mean who writes ‘An American Satire, Based on Soon-to-be Actual Events?’ James and Lee, two librarians from PeopleVille, a small town founded by survivors of The Great Scare that took place on Earth a few centuries before, created a time machine. Their goal is to go back in time to prevent ‘The Great Scare’ from happening.  Did I mention that PeopleVille is part of U.T.A. (United Tunnels of America)?

Yes, PeopleVille is underground somewhere below California which ceased to exist along with the rest of the entire surface of planet Earth. Survivors of the Apocalypse went underground and rebuilt civilization 800 meters below the surface making the best of the resources they could find around. James and Lee are two brothers that are not only librarians, they are also in charge of solving all kinds of problems of the citizens of PeopleVille.  I mean, wouldn’t you put your librarians in charge of everything?! This is a role that James takes very seriously and Lee loves, as he can get all the tea he wants during some of their customer’s visits. On the morning of the chosen D-Day when the brothers would travel back in time, they find that PeopleVille has been victimized by a series of thefts. Someone decided to steal all of the town’s valuable possessions. Will James and Lee solve this mystery so that they can go back in time and prevent The Great Scare?

Gregory James definitely knows writing. His characters are hilarious and real. His dialogue captures readers and takes them into the characters’ minds and personalities. The story and plot made me lose track of time while the narrator’s voice made the world I live in disappear. All I can say is I wish I had his talent and skills!

“James and Lee: The Great Scare” by Gregory James is by far the funniest, wittiest, most captivating book I have read in years. I definitely recommend it as a five-star fun work of literary genius and will keep it in my personal library hoping for more from Gregory James!

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