“Must Love Babies” by Lynette Austin


Lynnette Austin
Sourcebooks Casablanca (2018)
ISBN 9781492651550
Reviewed by Renee Alfrey for Reader Views (8/18)

“Must Love Babies” by Lynette Austin is a modern romance novel set in a small Southern town. Molly owns a wedding dress boutique and helps plan dream weddings. She believes in love, but it isn’t part of her current life plan. Brant is single and semi-famous from his television show, in which he restores old cars and motorcycles with his brothers. He isn’t looking for love either. So, when the two meet at a wedding, they both know nothing will come from it. Unfortunately, their time together is cut short when Brant’s phone rings.

His life is flipped upside down from that one phone call. His sister has been in an accident and he must leave immediately to go to the hospital. He knows that he will be responsible for caring for his seven-month-old nephew, he’s just not sure how long.

Almost immediately upon seeing his nephew, Jax, he becomes the stereotypical male who can’t feed a baby or change their diapers-much less take care of one for any extended amount of time. While some of the scenes are humorous and realistic, changing diaper blow-outs, trying to determine the best way to shower with a baby and learning to function on minimal sleep, at times that storyline begins to feel drawn out and overdone. Brant is a quick learner and knows to ask for help. Especially when he can ask Molly for help. He soon becomes dependent on her for help, advice and friendship.

This romance novel had the traditional gender roles reversed. Brant was the helpless character, needing the advice and support from Molly. Molly was easy to relate to as a character. While some single women in romance novels come across as bitter and jaded Molly was not depicted that way. Instead, she was focused on her career and was driven to succeed. While she did have some emotional baggage with men, that hadn’t left her against love. Instead she had created a timeline and was determined to stick to it, and at her current age love wasn’t on her timeline.

I would recommend “Must Love Babies” by Lynette Austin for anybody who is wanting a modern romance story. The storyline is refreshing, but at times seems to drag and I found myself wondering if they would ever get together or how the story was going to end. This is the first book in the series, but I felt the ending did a good job wrapping everything up. Brant and Molly’s story was clearly finished, and you’re not left needing to buy the next book to see what happens in their story.

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