“The Golden Hour” by M.K. Graff


M.K. Graff
Bridle Path Press (2018)
ISBN 9780990828785
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (08/18)

In “The Golden Hour” by M.K. Graff, American born Nora Tierney discovers another mystery in her adopted land of Great Britain. It all begins when she discovers a strange disk in her purse. When she learns that it is a listening device, she quickly realizes that she is being stalked. Her detective boyfriend Declan Barnes is concerned. Nora is trying to move closer to Declan so that they can start focusing on being a real family. Declan has done a great job of stepping in to be a father figure for Nora’s young son, who was fathered by her deceased fiancé.

The couple wants to focus on their future, but Declan has also recently become involved in a murder case that keeps getting more complicated. To make matters worse, he soon discovers that Nora’s stalker may be involved with his case. Nora also has a ghost from her past that plays a key role in what is happening.  She and her son are in great danger. The couple must work together to try to solve this case before it is too late for not just them, but a large number of people.

I really enjoyed “The Golden Hour.” It is the fourth book in the Nora Tierney English Mystery series, and though it was the first one for me to read, I found that it stood well on its own.  However, I would like to go back and read the first three because I really enjoyed the author’s writing style and story-telling abilities.

The main characters are likeable and well developed. The plot twists are surprising and add a great deal of depth to the storyline. The author brings the settings to life with her vivid descriptions and fine attention to detail. She also includes additional information about the places and some of the characters, at the end of the book, which I found to be a nice touch.

Overall, I found “The Golden Hour” by M.K. Graff, to be a top contender in my list of favorite mysteries. I highly recommend that fans of fiction read this story and that it be considered for a mystery selection in a reader’s group. I’m sure that it would stimulate some interesting conversations.

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