“101 Things to Do with a Dead Body” by Jason Blake


Jason Blake
Laki Press (2018)
ISBN 9780997711622
Reviewed by Robert Leon Davis for Reader Views (9/18)

The first thing I thought to myself when I picked up “101 Things to Do with a Dead Body” by Jason Blake was, “why would anyone write such a book”? The title alone initially indicated to me a warped mind, an actual serial killer, or some weird minded person. Not 20 or 53 things to do with a dead body, but 101 ways! I know of two ways; bury or cremate it. So, I agreed to review this book, keeping an open mind, as it’s listed as humor.

Now, after having read this book, I quickly laughed so hard that tears were in my eyes. It’s an excellent book for someone attempting to escape the everyday grind of working or dealing with the serious issues of life. I also believe it’s an excellent book if you have a loved one incarcerated and need a lift or smile, or someone who’s going through a period of depression. It’s just plain funny. But the ideal audience would be a mother or father, with a child between 9 and 16, sitting on the lawn, or at a beach, or lying on the floor, just any venue where you’re having “us” time, giggling and laughing at the pictures.

Obviously and clearly, this author is someone that I would consider an “Observationist.” He probably would see two birds fighting and wonder, not what they’re fighting about, but who will win the fight…lol.  In other words, an imaginative person that would probably make a good candidate for the FBI Behavior Analysis Unit; with the gift of thinking outside the box.

Humor to me is an outlet, a stress reliever, a moment in time to escape. Humor is an emotion, just as crying, worrying, depression, or happiness. The human mind experiences all these emotions, but humor and laughter have been scientifically proven to be an important part of a stable and balanced mind.

In summary, I endorse and highly recommend “101 Things to Do with a Dead Body” by Jason Blake. It’s highly imaginative and humorous. The 13th way and 48th way had me rofl! The only thing I didn’t like about the book was “why didn’t I think to write it first.”  5 stars…

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