“College Beyond the States: European Schools That Will Change Your Life Without Breaking the Bank,” by Jennifer Viemont


Jennifer Viemont
Global Ed Press (2018)
ISBN 9781732225909
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (9/18)

As an academic advisor at a California community college, I wanted to read “College Beyond the States: European Schools That Will Change Your Life Without Breaking the Bank,” by Jennifer Viemont so that I would be able to gather more information for my adventurous students who want to broaden their education by transferring to a university in Europe. I thought it would be a great resource for the few students that wander in with this goal. In addition to this purpose, the author opened my eyes up to the benefits of students attending universities in Europe for a variety of positive reasons, including a student being able to pay lower tuition and being able to receive an excellent education.

Rising tuition in the United States is making it really difficult for students who want to continue their education. In the California university system, programs are so impacted, it has also become incredibly difficult for high achieving high school students to get into a university of their choice in the major that they want. I have already been directing some students to out of state universities where they will receive a discount on non-resident fees and find it much easier to get accepted.

The author did an incredible amount of research to locate over 300 accredited universities in Europe that offer bachelor’s programs in English. In College Beyond the States, she provides in depth information on thirteen of them. The information contained in these pages will not only save a parent a tremendous amount of money in tuition, but it will also prevent them from needing to do hours and hours of research. A lot of basic information is also provided, which includes types of universities, accreditation, housing and more.

I am so happy to see that a resource like this is available for students and their families. No longer will they feel like they are being held hostage to the rising tuition crisis in the United States. Having the opportunity to receive an affordable quality education outside of the United States will help those with adventurous spirits succeed. In addition to high school students, I also recommend that parents with children in junior high school start using this resource because there is some information in there that would be beneficial for them to read prior to high school. This includes knowing if their child should take AP courses to increase their opportunity for being accepted at some of the universities.

“College Beyond the States: European Schools That Will Change Your Life Without Breaking the Bank,” by Jennifer Viemont is a must read for parents of college bound children. I also recommend it for guidance counselors and community college advisors. This is an excellent resource!

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