“Justice Affirmed” by Richard Thielmann


Richard D. Thielmann
Wasteland Press (2018)
ISBN 9781681112404
Reviewed by Carol Hoyer for Reader Views (10/18)

A great plot with plenty of twists, non-stop action, and well-developed, believable characters are what readers will find in Richard Thielmann’s, “Justice Affirmed.” I love it when a story starts with action right from page one. I find it draws one into their investigator mode to look for clues, antagonists and victims.

Private investigator Butch Greiner is looking forward to retirement, and a new lifestyle near his cousins in Texas. With conflicting feelings, his decision to move has something to do with the loss of his wife, aging and wanting less pressure in a hectic world. However, all it took was one phone call from a former employer that would change his life, not to mention the possibility of death.

The plot was full of intrigue, close connections, and betrayals. I enjoyed how Greiner used his skills to play one against the other to gather more information in his investigation and let those same individuals feel he was working for them.

Debbie Beasley, the widow of one of the murdered men, had me laughing as she blatantly played her role of victim to the hilt. Loving her tequila, she came on to Greiner not once but many times.

Thielmann does an excellent job of keeping readers interest through various murders, money laundering, and over-the-top lifestyles. I enjoyed the realistic element as he allowed for not all the illegal operations to work well and included some major screw-ups in his characters. I thought that in keeping with the theme of the rich trying to get richer by money laundering, the women were also duped but at the same time were willing to cover up for those who they thought loved them.

“Justice Affirmed” has a lot going on, however; the author is able to seamlessly intertwine characters, plots, and subplots, so readers do not feel overwhelmed. I can say readers will not be disappointed in this read involving Private investigator Bruce Greiner. I highly recommend “Justice Affirmed” by Richard D. Thielmann if you like on-the-edge-of-your-seat type reads.

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